Teztecch Internshala

We take pride in launching our Internshala platform which is aimed at students who are currently pursuing some degree or who are recent graduates interested in pursuing a career in marketing, sales, software development, and branding. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the high-profile work of the digital marketing and communications team. We will offer 3 months & 6 months of internship programs for Web Designing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Animation, Sales, Mobile App Development, and Branding. We will develop your career paths that suit the best to your individual talents!

Why Join Us?

You’ll gain in-depth experience in working in a fast-paced office, delivering campaigns, and engaging with a global audience via a range of digital platforms.

The internship will provide a supportive environment to learn and hone your skills, including internal and external training opportunities.

Special sessions will help you enhance your interpersonal skills and provide you with a feel of the corporate culture.

Website Development

Join our team of front-end & back-end developers to build features and build the best company profiles to see their success. With clients across all industries and sectors, we offer an opportunity to work on market-defining products using the latest technologies.

Mobile App Development

Do you like to prototype ideas and solve complex problems, and raise the bar for mobile applications by advocating and driving software best practices, automating tasks, and identifying pitfalls? Contribute your creative ideas and energy to developing Android/iOS/Hybrid apps to get hands-on experience in solving problems with innovative solutions to delight our customers.

Digital Marketing

Want to explore content research and planning, scheduling, keeping up to date with the latest trends, and creation of visuals and captions to grow digital presence? You’ll develop essential skills, from content writing, dealing with clients’ expectations, market research, and managing media events to planning creative marketing campaigns on diverse social media channels.


Learn how to create pixel-perfect assets for all digital aspects of the brand, right from animated social and campaign videos to digital business acceleration through conceptualizing global campaigns. Improve your character development, typography, texture/composition, color, and layout abilities to build digital assets to hear those success stories of businesses.

Graphic Designing

Great creative work can only be produced with talented and creative people. Learn how graphics have a great impact on marketing, right from logos to social media posts. With Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign improve your skills to create 2D/3D assets and more. We will help you build a creative portfolio that demonstrates high-quality deliverables within a variety of campaigns and projects.


Support our Sales team and learn skills like market research, lead generation, and cracking those deals to convert them to potential customers. With our special attention to communication skills, you will develop the art of writing professional emails and marketing collateral that enables the company to achieve a higher success rate. We promise that you will learn ‘Resilience – the ability to communicate with great conviction’. Build a rapport with customers and get the entrepreneurial spirit!

Are you passionate about working to gain practical experience within this deep tech high-growth start-up? Are you good at planning skills, give attention to detailing, and are great in tight deadline-driven environments? This program is ideally made for you!!
The good news is after satisfactory completion of this program the potential successful interns may get a chance to gain a permanent role!

One Complete Solution For Your Brand
We provide end-to end solutions for your Brand from Website Development, Mobile Applications, Digital Marketing, Animations and Graphics.

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