Teztecch Utkarsh

Do you want to boost your resume and excel your career with the recent technologies? Teztecch’s Utkarsh learning programme awaits you. With a focus on real-world challenges in digital services, we will equip you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in various courses. Develop your mindset to be a professional with our courses.

Our Courses

Sales Training
We provide you the foundation of sales success and skills from pitching, negotiating, growth, conversion and retention of customers to drive revenue growth. We have got management leaders who will teach you the sales insights, behavioural economics, suggesting potential solutions and performance management. Learn the art of effective sales and charge up your career prospects.

Digital Marketing
In this course learn how the top brands have embraced the digital technologies for generating revenue and get that competitive advantage. Learn the role of digital marketing in the marketing mix and the opportunities it creates. Deep dive to understand the different channels of Digital marketing:

Cover key areas in marketing today, including:

  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Online Advertising
  • Email/Text message/WhatsApp Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website and app user experience
  • Analytics and campaign measurement (ROI) & many more!

Get to know the importance of emerging technologies like Internet of Things, Big data, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Become engaged in state-of-the-art digital marketing and have a successful marketing career ahead.

Website Design
Good at computational skills and creativity both? Why not advance your skills to secure a job at a design agency? We have got a Website Design course for creating business portfolios for you which will help you learn:

  • Creating Homepage
  • How to make a Responsive Homepage
  • Blog details with key words management
  • Final UI/UX Tweaks + SEO + Make the site live with the Webflow Hosting
  • Job Board & Dynamic Sharing Buttons & many more!

All these techniques are explained step-by-step, in a beginner-friendly way so that you can easily follow them in a cohesive manner.

Combine your practical design skills along with the creative problem-solving and reflective insights in our Graphic design course. This interesting course offers you a thorough foundations in contemporary and evolving forms of visual communication from a wide range of platforms like digital, print, moving image, illustration, etc. Our course includes designing graphics for- digital content, interface design, web and social media, editorial book/magazine design, print and publishing, visual identity, typography and illustrations. We will cover the following:

  • Communication Design
  • Context, Exploring Ideas and Meaning
  • Thinking Through Making
  • Collaborative Enterprise
  • Developing Professional Practice
  • Creative Futures & many more!

We will help you build your creative professional portfolio which will help you find roles in graphic design, digital and interactive design, advertising, creative freelancing, etc.

Read a lot of comics in your childhood and no wonder how could you create a character? Learn the fundamentals of making moving images which includes hand drawn and digital animation both. Gain an understanding of animation techniques like 2D/3D Animations, Stop Motion, Visual Effects, various softwares and their capabilities. The cutting-edge course explores your creative side and covers:

  • Introduction to Production Tools
  • Fundamentals of Design
  • Character Animation Production
  • Moving Image Theory & Practice
  • Narrative Strategies
  • Lighting & Rendering
  • Visual Effects Acquisition
  • Real Time Graphics Systems
  • Scripting for Modern Digital Content Creation
  • Modelling & Texturing
  • Technical Effects & many more!

Take the advantage of these exciting course modules which combine art and technical disciples. See your dream characters on screen talking to you!

Effective Communications
Strengthen effective communication and interpersonal skills with our Communication online short course. Understand the communication styles and behavioural flexibility to express your ideas with confidence in social and professional set-ups.

  • One-way versus two-way communication
  • Process of communication
  • Barriers and common causes to mis-communication
  • Different communication methods and their effectiveness
  • Presentation, group discussion, speaker
  • Voice tone and projection

Win people with the right choice of words. Learn communicating effectively and start walking the ladder of quick career promotions.

English Speaking
English is the third most spoken language in the world and is considered the universal language. Learn conversational phrases & communication skills to express your ideas that will help you speak the language fluently. No matter what level your English skills are, we have the personalised course for you. We have experts to teach you the business communication and throw the perfect words to win those deals.

We focus on leading technologies that drive the industries so that you can be prepared for you job. Right from basics to advanced levels, we have you covered for everything with live projects and assignments to get the flavour of what’s your work profile going to look like.

One Complete Solution For Your Brand
We provide end-to end solutions for your Brand from Website Development, Mobile Applications, Digital Marketing, Animations and Graphics.

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